alsit25 (alsit25) wrote,

У.Оден Сонеты из Китая 7

Служа им слепо, сам по слухам слеп,
Он шел средь них, ощупывая вещи,
Их чувства пели в нем, как ветер, вслед
Они кричали - «Бога голос вещий»!

И скоро стал им флюгером, решив

Что песня им пропетая при этом -

Дрожь мелкая и тела, и души,

На их грешки ответом

Не пелись песни, он их сочинял,
В размер вгоняя рой видений,
Печаль к себе прижав, как план владений.

И, как убийца, шел в свой вертоград,
На них взглянуть, и головой качал,
Но трепетал, встречая хмурый взгляд.


He was their servant - some say he was blind-
And moved along their faces and their things,
Their feeling gathered in him like a wind
And sang: they cried – “It is a God that sings” –

And worshiped him and set him up apart
And made him vane, till he mistook for song
The little tremors of his mind and heart
At each domestic wrong.

Songs came no more: he had to make them.
With what precision was each strophe planned.
He hugged his sorrow like a plot of land,

And walked like an assassin through the town
And looked at men and did not like them,
But trembled if one passed him with a frown

Tags: Оден, переводы

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