alsit25 (alsit25) wrote,

У. Оден Сонеты из Китая 5

Он щедро истину дарил народу:

Раз жизнь не спешит, беспечно жди конца,

И местным девам не давал проходу

С мечом и на коне, и с видом храбреца,

От гнета матерей Спаситель,  и Исхода
Пропагандист - за ним пошли сыны,
Заматерев в скитаньях - год за годом -
И у костров познав, что все равны.

Но вдруг не нужен стал, полны ведь закрома!
Он опустился и сходил с ума,
И пил совсем уж без оглядки.

Сидел в конторе городской,
И одобрял Законы и Порядки,
Жизнь ненавидя всей душой.


His generous bearing was a new invention:
For life was slow; earth needed to be careless:
With horse and sword he drew the girl’s attention;
He was the Rich, the Bountiful, the Fearless.

And to the young he came as a salvation;
They needed him to free them from their mothers,
And grew sharp-witted in the long migration,
And round his camp fires learnt all men are brothers.

But suddenly the earth was full: he was not wanted.
And he became the shabby and demented,
And took to drink to screw his nerves to murder;

Or sat in offices and stole,
And spoke approvingly of Low and Order,
And hated life with all his soul.

Tags: Оден, переводы

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