alsit25 (alsit25) wrote,

B. Chichibabin Unload my tiredness, O, Mother Death

Unload my tiredness, O, Mother Death.
I don’t inquire the honor for my labor,
Bestow me somnolence, do grant this favor
To that my body, lengthy like a lath.

I’m so fatigued. And I refuse to fight.
Don’t care anymore. Just for three hours
A dream comes, sensitive and onerous.
A wish of death dwells in my dream tonight.

The Book of Evil is unbearable to read.
The Book of Good …it has been turned over.
O, Mother Death, unload your tired rover,
My nakedness shield with sackcloth. That’s it.

Breathe all your ice upon my brow and chest.
Will let me rest with no awaking, freely.
I’m so fatigued. I’m not like others, really.
It was so hard for me to try to do my best.

I so believed in Spirit, stubborn, mad,
I called for God – I saw the Hell, the ashes,-
And every morn blood from my nostrils gushes
And every night I shake and squirm in bed.

Only the verses will not dim. God bless,
A few of them are to avoid oblivion.
I’m tired like a slave! By single will I’m driven -
Unload my tiredness, O, Mother Death.

Tags: переводы на английский

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