alsit25 (alsit25) wrote,

G. Margovsky The spindle

I saw that nightfall as was going awry,

How blazed in havens the fringe of the sky.

Clouds’ tapestry reddened ready to move,

Somewhere rather pinky, somewhere mauve.

And I saw a glow of passions that night

In myriads threads flowed down alight.

Toward that incandesce ascended а sward

With the hallow smile, as always ill-stared.

Тhus arundinaceous yarn of the lake

Wove in an arras cherubic at stake.

And there the lettering ornament’s scent

To a vastness seraphic fluttering went.

The spindle inspired me again and again

That immortality has been regained.

And leas, fraternized with cerulean blest

Chording swelter and spell afore the tempest.

Hence a plot evangelical, eternal at last

Was praised by the evening unthinkable lustre.


Tags: переводы, переводы на английский

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